Implant Retained Dentures

Good news for denture wearers !


You can now use dental implants to secure your dentures firmly without the need for sticky adhesives ! No more embarrassing moments where your denture falls down and certainly you will be able to enjoy the food that you eat without concerns of a denture that 'rocks' in your mouth.


Your options are to have either 2 conventional implants or 4 Mini Implants. Your implant surgeon will discuss both options and advise you on which option is best with regards to the level of bone in your mouth.


On the day of implant placement, expect only 10 to 15 minutes time for the actual implant surgery treatment for each jaw. Following this, we will need 45 minutes to modify your denture to fit your new implants


Please do note that in some instances, your implant surgeon may recommend that you do not use your denture immediately. This is usually to allow some time for initial bony healing to take place.


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Patient Testimonials

Excellent service and an excellent dentist. - Anonymous


Friendly staff, good service, pleasant environment.  - Anonymous


Polite, gentle customer service, very good doctor (Dr Amit), pleased so far with the treatment. - Anonymous


I have the best dentist in the world - Dr Thamer, I used to hate visiting the dentist in the past but now this is not so and this is only because of Dr Thamer.

- Anonymous


Had a good experience, trusted dentist view. Feel in safe hands. Nice.

- Anonymous


I am very happy with the service / dental care provided. Dental practice is open on Saturdays whichis very convenient for me due to my work.

- Anonymous


The service and support here is great.      - Anonymous





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