Single or Multiple Tooth Replacement


If you need to replace a missing or failing tooth, remember that a dental implant has many benefits over the alternative options such as a bridge or a denture.

  • An implant is permanent
  • You do not need to take out an implant unlike a denture
  • Adjacent teeth need not be damaged unlike a conventional bridge
  • Implants preserve remaining bone height
  • Extremely high aesthetics - closely approaching that of natural teeth
  • An alternative to root canal treatment and especially 'repeat' root canal work

Unlike having an extraction, the placement of a dental implant is a quick and relatively painless procedure. There is usually less bleeding, discomfort and a shorter recovery


Should you need to have an extraction, do remember to ask us whether we might be able to perform the extraction and place the implant on the same very day! Sometimes it is possible for us to build a crown on the newly placed implant immediately. This is called 'same day teeth'. Should this not be possible for you, your implant surgeon will advise you and give you options of a temporary bridge during the healing phase of the implant. The healing phase for dental implants is usually in the range of 120 days for the upper jaw and about 6 months for the lower jaw.


In certain cases, it is possible to place implants without even cutting the gums ! Such implants have to be placed with great precision.


Two or more teeth can be replaced either by single implants or by joining 2 more implants together. Should you need full mouth implants, remember that your implant surgeon can plan to use 6-9 implants joined together so that you can have a cost effective solution for both optimal function and optimal aesthetics!


On occasions, additional surgical procedures eg: bone grafts or sinus lift might be needed. Should this be necessary, your implant surgeon will advise you as to the risks, benefits involved.


If you have regular reviews with the dentist and have good oral hygiene, your dental implant will last you a lifetime. Remember that the dental implant will feel just like one of your own teeth.



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